Hillusa Corporation - 25th anniversary Celebration
Exclusive Distributor for Latino America

Miami, FL, Hillusa Corporation is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  The Festivities started with the company’s regular attendance to the world famous medical Equipment show, FIME 2007, in Miami Beach, on August 17, 2007, where it is noteworthy mentioning the company’s stand, colorfully adorned with a tropical theme, inspired by the recent opening of Hillusa’s offices in the Dominican Republic. 

The celebration continued throughout the night, at the Sheraton Hotel ball room, where atmosphere was filled with live music, excellent food, drinks, and never-ending dancing. During the nightly event, Mr. Ernesto Ackerman, President of the Company, gave a very touching speech and made several recognitions to some of the attendees, who have relentlessly contributed to the immense success of the company.

Likewise, Mr. Pedro Gonzalez, President of the Venezuelan-American Brotherhood, congratulated Mr. Ernesto Ackerman for his vehemently support of the Venamher Clinic, a non-for profit medical institution created to assists the less fortunate with limited means to afford health insurance in the US.  The festivity continued into the very late hours of the night, thus concluding with the “Alma LLanera,” Venezuela’s second national anthem, and Mr. Ackerman’s country of origin.   

25th anniversary Celebration - In Pictures
Al son de la Musica!!!!!! Ernesto Ackerman,Andres Ramirez,Jenny Perez,Giselle Plata en FIME 2007 Gisela Ackerman,Victoria Vegas, Paola Vegas, Fany Steinmetz y Carmen Teresa Luengo Gisela and Ernesto Ackerman
Grupo Acuarela Jenny Perez, Rafael Tudela, Gisela Ackerman, Ernesto Ackerman Manuel Corao, Ernesto Ackerman,Victor Luengo, Casto Ocando. Sr. Ernesto Ackerman y su Sra Madre Fanny de Ackerman